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Find your path, shine your unique brightness, and light your own way.


As an artist, business owner, creator and author, I've hit a lot of obstacles on my way to this point. Right now I'm confident to take action on my ideas and be my true self without fear of other's opinions. I'm happy to try new things, and I don't let the past define my present. 

Sometimes, it wasn't an easy path, so I've created these cards and a workbook to help you overcome the obstacles on your creative journey.   


Whether you want to start a business, write a book, create a community, change the world, or just be the best version of you, the ideas and activities offered will help you get clarity and take the first step.

The cards and book can be used together, or separately. The book can be worked through, or random pages can be picked in the way you would with the cards.



Slow your breath,

Shuffle the deck,

Close your eyes, 

Pick three cards,

Each card offers affirmations, questions, activities, and ideas to help you on your journey.

From getting specific about what you want in life to raising your vibration, to removing creative blocks and letting go of what’s been holding you back.


If you’ve ever had a dream but struggled to make it happen, these cards and their companion book can help you quickly flip things around.

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