5 Elements Gatherings


Over the next year, I will be working with other magical beings to bring you events which celebrate the elements, and combine each with fire to create a unique, liberating personal development and spiritual growth experience.

By collaborating with other women, who bring their own expertise and energy, the series of events will explore the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Magic.

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Forest Light
Forest Light

Explore the element of earth, get grounded and renew your connection to the planet and all she provides us with.


Join us for an empowering Firewalk, and a sound journey through the element of Air, led by Helen @unful_journeys

Pink Clouds

Dance with us to celbrate the heat of summer, and discover the burning passion inside you! Combining the high energy of Bronwyn  and the power of Firewalking to bring you the deepest fire experience.


Experience the polarity of fire and water, and the healing power of both at this event. I'll be colaborating with Shamanic Priestess, Lisa Love, as she takes us on a journey with the element of water as we prepare to walk over fire.

Star Cluster

A night to remeber, to fire up your spirit, boost your magic and unleash your creativity. Join us and let the powerful combination of magic and fire be the catalyst for real change in your life.