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This year, I will be offering events, courses, retreats and experiences that will provide unique, liberating, personal development and spiritual growth.

From Cacao journies and mushroom ceremonies, to fire walks, cord cutting and shadow work, there's an experience that's right for you.

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Join us for an empowering Firewalk, and a sound journey through the element of Air, led by Helen @unful_journeys

Pink Clouds

Cord Cutting

Over the last few years of doing this kind of work, one thing has become clear to me. We ALL have some lingering issues with an ex partner.

Whether it was 20 years ago, or recently ended, there’s still something hanging on there.

  • Maybe you hate them, and those feelings are keeping you down.

  • Maybe you still wonder about them too often and wish you could stop.

  • Maybe they pop up whenever life is going well and ruin it.

  • Maybe you’ve got kids together, maybe it was a quick fling or one night stand,

  • Maybe you have unanswered questions, or things you wish you’d said or done.

  • Or maybe you wonder why they’ve never got in touch, even though you wish they wouldn’t.

Everyone I’ve worked with has at least one person that fits the bill.

This energy leak could be the thing holding you back from taking the next step in your life.

The energetic cords formed from these relationships can drain your vibration and your passion for life.

Join me on zoom, on the 24th of Jan at 8.30pm for a cord cutting ceremony.

Together we will break the ties with this person, through spiritual and magical practices.

We will use energetic, physical and physiological practices to cut those cords, call back your power and free you to take the next steps in your life.

£27, on zoom from the comfort of your own home, January 24th at 8.30pm.

Forest Light

The Gold Within The Darkness

21 days to explore your dark side, reclaim your power and illuminate the shadows

Cacao & Dream Herb Journey

Over 3 weeks, we’ll use practices, rituals, plants and creativity to awaken our 3rd eye, hone our psychic abilities and explore the dream scape in a more vivid way than ever before. Cacao supports us to open our hearts to the truth, to what we know inside and to speak our truth. Calea Zacatechichi, the Mexican dream herb, will activate our pineal gland, strengthen our visions and help us see the signs all around.


Monthly zoom magical manifesting ceremonies.

Vision boards that work.

Spells and magic

A supportive community of friends on the same path as you.

A course portal with activities to boost your manifesting added to every month.

£22 monthly

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