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Sacred Tattoo Ceremony

This offering has been going around in my head for a few years now, growing and changing, evolving into something special that feels right to share at this time.


During this season of release, like the trees shedding their leaves, we can also go within, recognise what’s holding us back, and let it all go.


Working with sacred symbols, ancient and new, from runes to alchemy, sigils and numerology, we will work together to choose a design that symbolises the next chapter in your life, and the energy you want to embody.


Your ceremony will include a ritual fire to burn away the old, the things that no longer serve you, any attachments that are holding you back from being the person you want to be.


This ceremony can be for individuals, couples, or small groups of friends or family. It will include intention setting, design, tattoo, releasing fire ritual, and integration information.

£111 each person


Get in touch if you feel called to the transformative power of symbol and ritual.



I’m offering this for spooky season first of all, but it will be available at any time.  

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