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Book 1.

Anna spends her life longing to escape her home town.

After her latest plan goes wrong, she’s forced to navigate a world of danger, drugs and violence alone.

She must make enough money to pay a debt and get her ticket out of there. She has a week to do it. No big deal, right?

Her simple plan becomes complicated as she quickly accumulates trouble.

A violent drug dealer, a Police Detective with a hunch, and an unwelcome admirer with something to offer are among the many hurdles Anna encounters. As she faces up to her own past and the growing danger she’s in, she learns what the people around her are capable of.


Everyone wants something, but how far will they go to get it? A story of friendship and sacrifice in the face of adversity.


Book 2.

In the second book of the series, one phone call changes everything Anna and Claire thought they knew.

Together they'll face old enemies, buried secrets, and a whole heap of new trouble. 

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