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Wild Fire 
Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao is a powerful plant medicine, supporting you to open your heart chakra, let go of judgment - of yourself and others and dive deep into your infinite creativity.

Each ceremony is different, encompassing the elements, movement, breath and beautiful Cacao, allowing you to connect with yourself, each other and the earth.

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The food of awakening,

It's said that Mama Cacao will come out of the jungle when the earth and its people need her most. That time is now, Cacao is the food of awakening.

Join me in ceremony, deepen your spiritual practice, enjoy a different experience away from everyday life, and take the chance to express your true self.

Ceremonies are held regularly, inside, outside and online. 

Locations include The Centre for Positive Change in Kirkcaldy.

We regularly gather outdoors at Fife beaches, on hilltops, in forests and at ancient sacred sites.

We also meet online, so you can experience the heart opening magic from the comfort of your home. 

Click book now, to see the events coming up.

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