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Love spell candle, repel toxic relationships and attract what you need

Sick of attracting the wrong people into your life?

Use this candle to get clear on what your boundaries are, raise your vibrations and attract the relationship you deserve.

Light it up, look into the flame and visualise yourself in a ball of bright white light bursting from your heart. Let the universe know you are open to accept love, and that you let go of negative patterns.

The ingredients in this candle resonate with high frequency love and joy, if you keep your vibe high, that’s what you will attract!

The oils are Rose, the highest vibration oil, and a must in all love spells, frankincense for it’s spiritual connection, and vanilla to attract some of that sweetness.

The herbs are, Damiana, Rose, peppermint, Liquorice root and Lime flower. These have all been used around the world for thousands of years in love work. Each one is regarded by different traditions for their ability to attract abundance and positivity, combining them increases the vibration even higher.

The crystals, chosen for their loving properties are rose quartz and quartz points, two pieces of each to represent duality and partnership, and amethyst to heal the past and bring peace to the future. Power up your meditation and get ready to let something new into your life.

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