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50 mini adventures challenge

I really wanted to set myself some kind of challenge after my birthday, I looked at lots of examples - 6 week fitness, 1 month cold water, 50 day etc, but they are require sticking to something, and I’m just not a routine kind of person. I’ve no consistency at all. If I set myself a schedule to stick to, I won’t even do it for 2 days, because I just won’t be told what to do 😂😂

So I came up with a challenge to have 50 adventures. With no time limit, no schedule, and lots of new things.

The adventures can be big or tiny, but it has to be new, interesting or creative, promoting personal growth, or getting out of my comfort zone.

So far…

  1. 5.30am, climbed a mountain dancing to Bruce Springsteen. (Ok it was the Binn hill, but it's steeeeep) So glad I fought the resistance and got up to meet One Sweet Life 💃☀️🖤

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