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Things I'll miss about lockdown.

When this all started back in March, I thought it was going to be really difficult.

In my day job, I meet new people every day. I wander around the town buying non-essential items, for no particular reason. I drink tea in cafes and stand close to people in art galleries. I miss those things, but not as much as I'll miss the unexpected gifts of lockdown.

1, Cooking mad meals with the cupboard contents instead of nipping to the shops. Carrot and lentil stew anyone?

2, Getting out in nature every day. I've always loved going for long walks and exploring, but it was usually relegated to Sunday afternoons. I'm determined to continue getting out there whenever possible once this is over.

3, Knowing where all my family are. On a normal day, they could be scattered around different cities and countries, but for now, I know they are all safe at home.

4, Slowing right down. I have never had this much time on my hands, no toddlers to run around after, no work, no clubs or groups to attend, no lifts anywhere, no assessments due, no one wants me to do anything.

There are at least another 10 days to go. personally, I'd be fine with a few more weeks.

What will you miss the most about this unusual time?

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