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Money Spell Candle, attract prosperity!

By the law of attraction, like attracts like. If you feel lacking in abundance, you will be. If you feel grateful and appreciate all the universe has in store then it will flow to you.

Easier said than done right?

This candle could help you achieve that mindset. Light it up, look into the flame, feel in your body how grateful you are for all that you have. Visualise yourself with what you desire, and recognise how that gratitude feels. Get clear on what you want, meditate and visualise often, feel yourself beginning to attract it and take action to move towards a change.

All the ingredients were carefully chosen to increase your vibration, and resonate with attracting money and prosperity.

The oils are mint, chamomile and cinnamon, all correspond with bringing money into your life.

The Herbs include, Golden rod, Basil and Oak Bark, all traditionally used in money magic for centuries.

The crystals are Green Aventurine, to open your heart and let that cash flow to you, fluorite and quartz to dispel negativity, focus your energy and give you the courage to do what ever it takes to attract abundance.

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