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Mince pies and thousands of words.

I’ve eaten mince pies every day this month so far. I feel cheated if I haven’t had at least one by mid-morning. I go to the shop solely to buy boxes of them. I’m obsessed. The rest of the year I don’t give them another thought, they don’t even cross my mind when I’m mashing avocados or whizzing up a smoothie. Only another three weeks left, and probably an extra half a stone. Obviously, I’ll definitely get rid of that in January with my new fitness regime, definitely.

The second book in my Anna McVay series will be coming out soon! Hopefully early 2021. I’ve had a really amazing response to the first book, Trust, which came out in August 2020, with lots of readers telling me they can’t wait for the next installment.

I’m glad to say, if you enjoyed the tricky situations that Anna and Claire found themselves in last time, you’ll love what in store for them in Truth.

I recently took part in my second Nanowrimo, (that’s National Novel Writing Month if you’re not in the nerdy author world) the aim is to write 50k words throughout November, encouraged by the community of hundreds of thousands around the world. I didn’t hit the target, but I made some great progress with almost 40k in the final book of my first series, so Anna’s complete trilogy should be published by summer next year.

I hope the end of this year passes with peace and love where ever you are, and that you’ve got hope and plans for 2021.

Lots of love, Aphra xx

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