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Emergency Mood Changers

You are staring at a blank page, you’ve got a deadline, the kids are bored, you’re about to make macaroni cheese again and you feel like you might actually cry.

You could continue, let it spiral into bad moods all round, frustration, wasted food and a guilt trip later. Or, do something different to switch the mood in an instant.

  1. Leave everything, grab a basic picnic and walk to the park, woods or beach. Eat outside, even if it's dark, and let the elements blow the negativity away. When you go back later, you’ll be refreshed and you’ll be able to come at the project with a new perspective.

  2. Put on loud music, open the windows, light incense and let the kids eat cereal for tea. It wont do them any harm, and it takes some pressure off you.

  3. Close

your laptop, order a pizza and put on the kids favourite film. Relax with them for a while then go back to your work.

These may seem totally counter intuitive, but sometimes breaking the normal cycle will save your day. If you don’t have kids, these things can still flip any bad day around.

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