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Element candle set, Earth, Air, Fife & Water

Make your circle casting more effective, and your spells stronger.

Light each one in turn as you call the directions, and ignite the energies of the elements.

Each on is made with corresponding herbs, oils and a crystal to evoke the powers of each quarter.

Earth, a green candle infused with rosemary oil, Guto Kola herb and a piece of tigers eye, to harness the power of nature and stay grounded.

Air, a yellow candle with jasmine essential oil, Mulberry leaves and clear quartz, to connect with your higher consciousness.

Fire, a red candle infused with cinnamon, pepper corns and citrine, to invoke power and passion.

Water, a blue candle, with lemon oil, chamomile flowers and Lapis Lazuli, to tune you into your emotions and intuition.

Ideal when you are in a hurry, or don’t have the space to set up an entire altar.

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