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Banish negativity, cleanse your space, repel social vampires

Is there something off with the energy in your space? Is there someone in your life that sucks the positivity away?

This candle is less obvious than burning sage in their face, but has the same effect. Bring the vibration back up and cleanse any negativity left behind.

Light it before they come, visualising yourself in a protective bright white bubble. Or, fire it up when they start moaning while you steer the conversation towards a positive topic. Alternatively, use it for a meditation to cleanse your aura after a negative encounter anywhere.

The herbs include: Witches grass, yarrow and nettle, all renowned cleansers and negativity banishers.

The oils infused are peppermint and bergamot; powerful cleansers and vibration raisers.

The crystals are black Onyx to banish anything that doesn’t serve you, Fluorite to repel negativity, Quartz to cleanse and balance and Tigers-eye to give you courage to set boundaries and protect yourself and your energy.

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