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Attention seeking is my strength!

I’m 40-odd today! 🤠🖤 After PE in primary, our teacher Mrs Cattenach, would have us line up at the door, she’d tap us on the head as we left the gym hall, and give her opinion of our behaviour in a word or two. Things like “good work”, “better today”, “chatterbox.”

My tap on the head was usually accompanied by “attention seeking” 😂

So here I am, still at it, decades later, posting fancy pics on my birthday for everyone to look at.

But you know what, I’m not ashamed of it. I’m an extrovert, I get energy from being around others, I love social interactions and I adore meeting new people.

I love creating things for people to come together and make new pals, I love making people laugh, and I like sharing crazy stories too.

I like collaborating and leading, I like being seen getting out of my comfort zone, and being authentic, and if that helps someone else feel braver, then all the better.

These are my strengths! Not something to feel bad about. 🖤

So, happy forty-something birthday to me! 🎂 And fuck anyone that tries to make you feel bad for being too much!

PS- THIS PHOTO IS NOT REAL. Unfortunately I’m not an actual cowgirl, it’s just a FaceTune thingy, but it’s making me want a hat like this. 🐎 🤠 👢

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