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5 ways to fill your creative well during lockdown

Whether you’re lacking ideas at work in a creative industry, need inspiration for your hobby or just can’t think of anything to make when you stare in the fridge, maybe you just need to fill your creative well up.

Our inspiration is sparked by things we see and experience, swirled around with our perception and formed into an idea.

During lockdown this can be especially hard, when every day seems the same, and contact with people and culture is at an all time low, sparking ideas can become difficult.

Here are 5 ways to fill your creative well during lockdown...

  1. Do something that feels strange. Walk a different way to the shop. Listen to a new radio station. Use cutlery in the opposite hands. Eat a fruit you never normally buy. Anything different from the norm can help wake your brain up and stir a new idea.

  2. Learn something new. Watch a Ted talk on a new topic. Find a free course online. Buy a non-fiction book that you’d never normally read.

  3. Rearrange your desk, or room. Hang a new picture, swap ornaments around, throw out clutter and make space for new ideas.

  4. Write something. Anything. Open a notebook and start writing a retrospective bucket list. Add all your achievements so far, they could be small ones like flipped a pancake, or big ones like passed my driving test. Digging into your memory bank for positive things can boost your mood and spark new ideas.

  5. Walk, run or dance. Even just 20 minutes get the blood pumping oxygen to the brain. Our physiology affects our psychology, when you feel refreshed and strong, ideas will flow with your energy.

Soon, we’ll be back to art exhibitions, theatre shows and meeting friends in new places, till then, anything you can do to experience something a little out of the ordinary will help.

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