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How long can you spend staring at sand?

I've actually given myself neck pain from the hours spent looking down. Beachcombing is addictive. Once you find something cool, you want that hit again. you don't want to go home in case the next thing was the big one.

Rare coloured glass and patterned pottery are always exciting. I can spend an afternoon filling my pockets, then at home later, I empty them onto white paper and examine the haul.

Purple glass could be from around 1895-1910. Manganese was added during production to keep it clear, it later reacted with sunlight producing the purple tints.

The black bottle top is from around 1915, they were produced on Albion Road in Edinburgh by Dunbars, this one was possibly used for ginger beer.

Turquoise, teal and lime glass always catch my eye.

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