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Creativity candle, dispel resistance or remove writers block.

If you suffer from creative blocks or lacking the motivation to get started on a new project, this candle will help dissolve the barriers and inspire action.

The herbs and crystals stimulate the lower chakras, boosting creativity and confidence in making your ideas reality. Use it in meditation, or light it with your journal ready, and let the ideas flow. Or, use it while you are working on a project that needs new life.

The herbs include: Red clover, for new ideas. Cinnamon to fire up your sacral chakra. Blessed Thistle for luck in new projects. Dandelion for creativity and confidence, and Mandrake root for a magical boost.

The crystals are, a clear quartz point for focus and clarity, Jasper chips to strengthen your root chakra, Tigers eye to break down barriers, and Carnelian for creativity. Copperleaf focuses all these energies together to increase your motivation.

The oils are Orange, Lemon and Cinnamon, all amazing for inspiration and mood-boosting.

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